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Poster: kochman Date: Nov 5, 2008 3:47pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: VOTE!

Likewise Tell.
I have to say, I am actually, and surprisingly pretty optimistic about the President Elect. Yesterday I would not have thought I would be, but it turns out I am.

As I said to someone at my site, the Repubs blew it. The repubs completely betrayed the trust of their constituency and I left the republican party. Doubling spending for example. Bush was awful, and I know we have all heard enough of how Bush was bad, but let me say, as a non-republican conservative (libertarian), one more thing about Bush. Bush, as the leader of the party and the country, should have vetoed all the pork and excessive spending. He never manned up, never showed leadership enough to do that. Spend spend spend.
Iraq was pretty lame too. Having been there, I can say some good things have come of it, such as the liberation of the Kurdish people (which I took part in personally). However, was it our job to liberate them? NO!!! And, it wasn't even the main reason for going! Just a beneficial by-product.

I have given Obama a personal clean slate, and hope that he will do what he campaigned on (mostly anyhow), because it was pretty centrist. As I am one of those drooling gun owners, I hope he doesn't change those laws, or all I will have left is my own drool.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Nov 5, 2008 4:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: VOTE!

That's the spirit. You youngsters are the hope and the future, so keep at it.